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I Am Saved was featured on Amazon Music's Fresh Folk & Americana Playlist.

Here's the Story of Love album including the poetry interludes between the songs.  You can listen here, and if you want to own your very own autographed copy, visit the Shop.


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The best way to support your favorite songwriter is still to purchase an album download or a physical CD.

Why?  Because the new streaming distribution systems only compensate shareholders, and not songwriters fairly. 


Our rates have slipped to below a sustainable wage, and the songwriting profession is in jeopardy of disappearing all together unless we do something to change things.

In the meantime, even if you pay for streaming, be sure to purchase a download or album from your favorite artists.  Even superstars are not earning a living wage for their songwriting.

1,000,000 sales equals about $45,500 for the average songwriter, whereas 1,000,000 streams earns only about $430.  Can you support a family with $430 per year?