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updated March 2020

Thank you to friends who have reached out after the recent Nashville tornados and current world wide corona-virus scare.

We're used to social distancing around here as homeschoolers and independent music industry entrepreneurs, but are concerned about friends and family, of course.

Sending love to everyone reading this, and a bit of humor here:

Main Professional Goal Right Now:


To get a # 1 single on the Billboard Country Chart.  Have already had a few songs on # 1 Billboard charting albums, but not yet a single.

Motivation:     To demonstrate success to myself and those I serve


How will I do this?    Already planted the seed.

What work will I do this year to encourage this goal?  Daily practice, loving kindness, service work, being a good person, seeking always to help.

Also releasing independent single just to get my music out there more.  Here it is called I Am Saved.


Now Pages are part of an initiative created by Derek Sivers, original founder of CD Baby. Thank you Mr. Sivers for everything you do to inspire creatives to work toward their dreams.

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