A Taste of Bucharest

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

As promised, here are some more highlights and pictures from my trip to Romania as the first official Arts Envoy IPR delegate appointed by the U.S. Department of State Cultural Affairs Division and Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement.

My trip started in Bucharest, a wonderful metropolis full of culture, history and mystery.

Amanda Colleen Williams Bucharest Sign

Upon arrival, the first order of business was dinner. I ordered a traditional dish called Sarmale, which as you can see from the menu is chicken and pork wrapped in grape leaves. It was delicious.

Salmate traditional food Romania
Bucharest Menu

I also had desert, another traditional dish called Amandina which is very sweet.

Amandina sweet chocolate cake Bucharest

Our hotel served as a gorgeous home base within walking distance to the Old Town.

Here are some pictures of the hotel and surrounding areas:

Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest
Statue near hotel

World clocks at Hotel

Lobby decorated for Christmas Bucharest

Statue near National Theatru

Christmas Tree at Hotel

I love how much everyone decorates for Christmas in Romania.

As you can see by just the pictures from the hotel, the Christmas season officially starts on December 1 in Romania, and everyone really gets into the spirit.

The country is roughly 90% Christian, so it makes sense that Christmas is so widely celebrated as part of the Romanian culture.

And speaking of Christmas...

All the cities in Romania I visited had a Christmas Market.

Here are pictures of the Christmas Market in Bucharest. This is actually the small one near the Historic old city. There is a bigger one down by the river that we never made it to visit this time.

Christmas Market at night
Unlit Christmas Tree in Bucharest
Night time at Christmas Market Bucharest

Furry benches at Christmas Market

The temperature in Bucharest hovered around 1 degree Celsius during our visit, which is a little over freezing.

So at the Christmas Market to keep things cosy, there were furry blankets thrown over the benches for visitors to sit. Here I am sitting at one of the tables.

Amanda Williams in historic Bucharest