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Awaken -

“Awake, shake dreams from your hair my pretty child, my sweet one, choose the day...” - Jim Morrison

Awaken your body, mind and spirit.

When you open your eyes, you can choose to awaken.

Take a few minutes to silently reflect before you look at the phone. Don’t allow the day to choose for you - make a point to connect before you login.

Today’s reflection is on the word “awaken.”

Meditate or reflect on “awaken” as a seed thought for 7 minutes.

Then write your reflections in your notebook journal.

Post comments here if you like.

April is 30 Days Saved.


Please Like, Share and Save "I Am Saved" by Amanda Colleen Williams on all your favorite music services. Thank you!


This image was taken on my first day in Kingston, Jamaica working as the pilot and developer of the U.S. Department of State Arts Envoy Intellectual Property Rights Program.

We partnered with JIPO (Jamaica Intellectual Property Organization) to provide intellectual property rights education to students in two Jamaican cities: Kingston and Mandeville.

Read more about my Arts Envoy IPR travels here.


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