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Man I Feel Like a Woman | Yin and Yang | What does it mean?

In Eastern terminology, there is yin and yang. Most of us have at least heard about this. The yin-yang symbol is part of our popular culture here in the West.

There’s even an emoji character for yin yang in balance.

But what does it mean?

Yin is seen as passive, feminine and receptive. The Moon is an example of yin energy – receptive to the light of the Sun, reflecting in mysterious, dark radiance.

Yang is active, masculine, and one pointed. The Sun is an example of yang energy, the source of light and life in our solar system.

It could be misinterpreted in reading that feminine = female and masculine = male. This is not the case.

All human beings have both yin and yang energies present in varying proportions at different times in our lives.

You can probably reflect upon a time when you as a woman have felt strong masculine qualities, or when you as a man express strong feminine qualities or emotions.

This is right and normal, and is part of the balancing that is symbolized by the yin-yang image.

Throughout history we see examples of “women who acted like men” and “men who act like women,” and often suffered the consequences of a society polarized by culturally accepted gender roles.

In modern times, there is a lot of interest about gender and redefining it to accommodate individuals across the spectrum.

In relationships, the individual’s yin-yang balance comes into the spotlight.

For example, in a relationship, a partner with a lot of yang energy will sometimes seek to dominate the yin, just as he seeks to dominates his own internal yin, preferring to demonstrate as purely masculine energy with no trace of that “weaker” energy.

The yin partner might respond with yin energy and passively allow herself to be dominated. Or she might muster some of her yang energy and reflect that onto her partner fighting yang with yang in one pointed opposing challenge.

Some highly yin polarized people might demure at the thought of confrontation and simply choose to ignore a dominant partner’s demands.

But in many cases, the homeopathic remedy of responding in kind will suffice to cure dominant yang types who are really just testing themselves and their ability to dominate as a two year old tries himself against the authority of mommy.

Do you love me? Do you respect yourself? Must I respect you as you demand and expect of me? What happens when I test that line? Where is that line?

Are you firm and secure in your right to be treated with kindness and respect by your yang companions?

Or do you allow them to walk all over you, thinking that you must go along to get along?

Perhaps a little thought to self balancing your yin and yang will do you good.

What are your thoughts?


Here's the fun Shania Twain song called "Man I Feel Like A Woman" -


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