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Nashville Tornado Miracle

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Last night I was awakened by the pounding of hail stones from heaven and the gnashing and crashing of trees.

Having just returned home to Tennessee yesterday from a run of shows in Key West, Florida, this tornado in December was nothing short of a freak of nature.

Even more incredible was the damage surrounding my little wooded cottage in the holler on the outskirts of Nashville.

Giant trees were uprooted and snapped like match sticks in a circle around the house and new deck, coming mere inches from breaking windows and crushing the second story bed room where I had been sleeping.

Surrounded on all sides by 40 plus degree slopes stretching to the top of the protective ridge, I always said a tornado would have to be going to my house to get there.

Apparently this was indeed the case.

The felled trees are testament to the – I’ll say it – miracle that no one was harmed.

For this I am grateful – awed by the mighty power of the Lord God and the trees themselves, what part they played in their toppling, barely missing us.

Upon opening my Bible this morning in daily morning meditation and devotion, I turned to this verse:

“His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth.” Psalm 146 “I Praise ye the Lord, Praise the Lord, o my soul.”

Prayers are going out to all our friends and neighbors who were affected by this storm.


"I Am Saved" words and music Pete Garfinkel and Amanda Colleen Williams.

From the new "Appalachia Kid" album

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