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There is always a risk

Amanda Colleen Williams Nashville singer songwriter at 522 Studio photo credit Tim Seay
In the studio photo credit Tim Seay

There is always a risk

When expressing your wisdom

That people mistake you for foolishness

Be wise anyway

One can always hide the light behind a dark cloud of what-ifs

But in the end – it always finds a way to shine –

Sometimes hardening to diamonds of withheld wisdom – wasted opportunity – deep inside

These are painful and sharpen with time, eventually breaking loose and wrecking havoc on the body –

But there is a better way to release these hidden gems –

To allow them access to freedom – and for you to

express the vibration

in a way that heals,

cleanses, repairs and

at-ones you back

to the original source

Want to know what that


Dear friend – you know already –




Love, A



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