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West Nashville events space The 7695

An old friend called today and said, “It looks like you’ve got a lot of exciting, great stuff going on down there in Nashville!”

I told him, “Well, I only post about the good stuff, so that’s all you’ll see.”

West Nashville events space The 7695 River Road Pike weddings parties showcases

Of course, that’s true for all of us these days.

But sometimes I realize that I haven’t told you enough, especially about the good stuff - in particular, my West Nashville events space, The 7695.

In 2016, I took over the property at 7695 River Road Pike, home of the former Peanuts and Norm’s River Road House, a popular alternative night spot for music lovers on the West Side of Nashville.

The property had been sitting empty for a while, and looking to expand my base of operations, we decided to take it on and get it cranking again as a private events venue.

Of course, you know the saying, “How do you make God laugh?”

The answer is, “Make a plan.”

2016 was the year that I was recovering from breast cancer, dealing with additional surgeries, radiation and then BOOM my dad died.

If it weren’t for my plans set in motion already working on fixing up this venue space, I probably would have completely lost my mind.

My dad and I were best friends, and if it weren’t for a trial run or two, I may not have survived losing him, to be honest.

The private events space was my saving grace, along with the help of everyday angels.

Now I can hardly believe the venue, called The 7695 operated by Hillbilly Cache LLC has been quietly open for a few years.

We’re truly a unique space in Nashville.

The 7695 is not right in the middle of town, nor is it a million miles from the action, like you feel at some “Nashville venues.”

Our venue has the history, the vibe and the ambiance of old school Nashville, the place I fell in love with when Dad moved our family here from East Tennessee in the 1980s.

If you’re ever driving up River Road toward Ashland City, you’ll see the space on the right side of the road.

It’s got a two-story club house as the main building and a little green room cottage on the side where our brides get ready.

The space is unique in that it has a cozy, comfortable feel in the club house, and the wide open majestic view of the manicured greens and pebble lined creek walk outside.

Of course, it’s laid back, as you’d expect from anything Nashville.

Amanda Williams venue in West Nashville Tennessee music room picture with piano

I’m letting you guys know about the venue here on my music website just in case you have friends or family looking to get married, have a showcase or a party at a Nashville venue operated by a certain red headed hit songwriter you happen to know.

Here’s a link to our venue website The 7695 at

You can submit an event date query there to see if we’re available and within your budget, and be sure to let us know you heard about us here on Songlife.

If you’re going through life stuff right now, just know this – pick a dream, make it long term enough to keep you looking at the horizon, and GO FOR IT. Life may not get easier, but it can be rewarding even through you’re going through rough patches along the way.

Looking forward to seeing you here at The 7695 for your private event or maybe for a ticketed music show we have here from time to time.

Big Love and Light to you. See you in Nashville at my events venue, The 7695 – and Thanks for sharing!


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