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A Story of

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 off-Broadway one woman musical theater experience

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"It's a whimsical, hilarious, sexy, sassy, smart and heartfelt chronicle of the joy and heartbreak that comes with the pursuit of ever elusive love."

"I met my husband at Amanda's Story of Love show in Nashville.  I came with a friend, and he was there by himself.  We met and a few years later, we got married.  Talk about a love story!" - Gina from Alabama

About the Show:

35 minutes

one woman show

Description:  Broadway style performance - 11 songs with short interludes performed as one continuous 35 minute set*. 

 * can be combined with other sets for a longer show duration (60, 90, 120 min)

As seen in U.S. Embassies around the world, listening rooms, festivals and theaters including Key West Theater.  Booking details.

Sample the songs from

A Story of

Love story of love font.png

About the Artist:

Amanda Colleen Williams

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17 times multi-platinum awarded songwriter, including cowriter with Garth Brooks "She's Tired of Boys"- awarded Artist of the Year by Nashville Independent Music Awards - has performed for world dignitaries as official Arts Envoy specialist for U.S. Department of State / Cultural Affairs, and for Ambassador Andrew Young's 75th, 80th, 83rd, and 90th birthday galas.   Full bio and discography here >>

Artist can provide sound or can work with venue provided equipment depending on location and audience size.

Venue provides - power supply, PA, live sound engineer for:

  • Shure Crown wireless headset mic / wireless guitar transmitter / receiver (artist provides) OR

  • Shure 58 (or similar) mic, boom mic stand, DI for acoustic guitar or small acoustic amp

A/V Requirements:

Selected venues:

A Story of Love has been performed all over the world, including these selected venues - 

  • Key West Theater - Key West, Florida U.S.A.

  • Cluj Napoca, Romania, E.U.

  • Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

  • Manhattan, Kansas, U.S.A.

  • The 7695 Residency - Nashville, Tennessee U.S.A.

Booking Rates:

Please inquire about booking rates here:

Show Gallery:

Photo credit Arjay Hasty.  All Rights Reserved.  Used By Permission.

Audience comments:

Richard and Mary of Big Pine Key said -


“She was the perfect combination of sass and style. Best Valentine’s date in our 41 years together.” – Mary


Amazing talent! I went to make my wife happy and ended up loving every second and wanting more. We don’t get many superstars down here like that.”
– Richard


Alyssa Berger said:


"Amanda is a fantastic performer. I attended a show in Key West and I personally thought she stole the show. She is so talented and fun to watch. Her poetic transition between songs was so unique and beautiful. And her songs are diverse, fun and keep you wanting to hear more! I cannot wait to see her again!"

Tony from Fort Lauderdale said:


“Our friend telling us about the show helped us plan a nice long weekend on Key West. Although it was a four hour drive, we’d do it again. It was a break long overdue.


Amanda was everything our friend said she would be and then some. I’m more of a rocker guy, but I really enjoyed it. She’s crazy talented, and hot too! My wife absolutely loved it. She’s been quoting lines from her spicy songs for a week. She has downloaded some of her music already. She keeps playing some bluegrassy sounding song over and over. We talked about music all the way home the next day because of that show.”

Captain James Pic of Key West said:


Thanks to our friend for the heads up on the show. Since moving to the Keys I haven’t done much other than work as much as I can. It was a welcome break and made me look like a superstar with my girlfriend for coming up with the idea. Both of us loved the show. Amanda was FANTASTIC! 
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