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Why You Should Send Me a Message


What is the Internet to you? 


Is it a place to connect?  To shop?  To spend some time?  To seek and perhaps to find what you’re looking for…


… to find, perhaps, what you don’t even know you’re looking for?


The God in the Machine? 


(Why not, if God is everything?)


I have many accolades as a songwriter, as a teacher and advocate for songwriters, and creative rights in general – and I’m lucky to be born the only daughter “girl you better get your red head back in bed before the morning” of Nashville Hall of Fame Songwriter Kim Williams.


So why should you send me a message?


Because I love connecting.  The reason I make music is to put out a message, and hope that message reaches you and touches you in some way.


Believe it or not, amidst the glamour and being busy as heck, it’s actually pretty lonely.


I guess that’s just the artist’s way.


But it’s still nice to connect with others, meaningfully.


Tell me a little about you, and what makes you tick.  What do you think your purpose is on the Earth at this time?


Please no solicitations, but do feel free to tell me about your activities and what makes you uniquely you, and how you found me.


I look forward to meeting you in Lighted Companionship.


Love & Light,


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