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Rain Cloud of Knowable Things

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

There is no object I love more than a pen. A pen is a voice – it is an antennae to the divine – the world known as “the rain cloud of knowable things” in some traditions.

Before you songwriters rush off to write “the rain cloud” song of your own, here’s a version I wrote with Shane Alexander, one of indie folk rock’s finest stars who has opened for Seal and Jewel and is liked by Derek Sivers.

The lyrics are printed here by permission:

Rain Cloud Of Knowable Things

words and music by:

Shane Alexander

Amanda Williams

Waking up from a daydream

Waking up from a place where I am free from harm

Was it another lifetime

Felt so far away from where we are


I never thought I'd find

This peace inside my mind


Oh rain cloud of knowable things

Falling down like silver strings

Tying me back to the place

With all the stars in outer space

Oh rain cloud in my head

Tell me what I should've said

To be, who I ought to be

Oh rain cloud, rain down on me

Sick of the way I'm living

Tired of always waiting for the strength start

Maybe I'll be forgiven

For every time I should've opened up and shared my heart

Repeat Pre-Chorus & Chorus


Why would you lie

You been right before my eyes

Am I finally getting wise?

Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus

© 2012 Buddhaland Music (BMI) Hillbilly Culture (SESAC)

You can purchase the recorded version of “Raincloud of Knowable Things” here and tell Shane we say hi.

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