Delicious Romanian Food

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Highlights and pictures from my trip to Romania as the first official Arts Envoy IPR delegate appointed by the U.S. Department of State Cultural Affairs Division and Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement.

Romania was full of delicious food. From traditional dishes to modern tastings, I was delighted at every meal time. Here are some of my favorites:


These dishes were my first meal in Romania at the Corso Brasserie in the InterContinental Hotel in Bucharest.

Having asked the Embassy driver about traditional foods, I had heard of Sarmale before, but the sweet dessert cake Amandina was new.

Both these dishes, and the lovely head waiter made a wonderful introduction to Romanian food.

Menu at Corso Brasserie InterContinental Hotel Bucharest
Menu Corso Brasserie in InterContinental Hotel Bucharest

My companion had the lamb chops.

Lamb chops Corso Brasserie Intercontinental Hotel Romania

Hotel Intercontinental at Christmas Bucharest

Another favorite meal was at Hermania in Sibiu.

This restaurant is cosy, scenic, and historic, and when you read the menu, you'll see that it is a very special place for musicians in particular, having served for over 100 years as rehearsal and concert hall for the Philharmonic Sibiu.

The first evening at Hermania, I ordered the Cornflake encrusted Trout, and had a little nip of the traditional plum brandy. (In Tennessee, we call this moonshine.)

Cornflake crusted Trout at Hermania Sibiu Romania
Steak and potatoes at Hermania Sibiu Romania

My companion had a lovely steak and potatoes meal the following day for lunch, and my colleague ordered the more traditional goulash served in a bread bowl.

Goulash bread bowl Hermania Romania Sibiu

Not only was the food and story at Hermania incredible, the decor was homey and inviting.

Hermania Restaurant Sibiu Romania

Bar at Hermania Sibiu Romania
Hearth at Hermania Romania Sibiu

I also had a nice salad at Hermania for lunch the next day, which somehow I neglected to photograph.

The veggies were fresh, and crisp, organic from the local providers in Transylvania.

There are still a lot of farmers in Romania, and like in Tennessee, there is a certain pride that comes from self sufficiency that cannot be matched, nor explained to those who don't know.

I look forward to returning to Hermania when we return to Sibiu.

Chocolate at Christmas Market Cluj Napoca

Another amazing thing about Romania are the Christmas markets in every town we visited.

Food is a big part of these markets, none more obvious than the gorgeous displays at the Christmas market in Cluj Napoca.