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Appalachia Christmas

I have lots of fond memories of spending Christmas with my family in East Tennessee. This picture is looking out my mamaw's living room window toward Poor Valley Road, covered in snow.

The footprints you see in the snow are most likely those of my cousins and me crossing over to the hill you see sloping behind the tree. We called that "graveyard hill" because there was an old historic graveyard at the top, encased in a chain link fence.

We used to take our sleds over there and ride down all day, driving mamaw crazy coming in and out of the house with wet boots and mittens.

I miss those golden times, but the bitter sweet memories live on.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas - whether you're with family and friends, or whether, like me, you spend the holidays alone, thinking about your service work for next year.

Lots of love to you, from the heart of Appalachia.

- Amanda


Here's one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time - and maybe it's not really a Christmas song at all? "River" by Joni Mitchell. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.


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