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New Year Motivation

The New Year is a time of new beginnings.

Photo credit NASA

The Old Farmer’s Almanac tells us that Sirius “The Dog Star” is also known as the New Year Star because it hangs directly overhead on midnight December 31st at the change over to the new year.



To be “dogged” is to work hard with perseverance, loyalty and earnest, whole-hearted effort.

These are among the most vital and fruitful of qualities to be demonstrated when trying to chart a course of action.

Get “Sirius” – get serious – about whatever it is that floats your boat moving forward – what motivates you in work, leisure and service?

Use the opportunity of the new year to identify and make needed changes in your routine that affect your life outcomes.

Choose your priorities prior to making actions and that way you are ensured of the results.

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