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Songwriter Dads and Daughters

It was so cool to hear Garth talk about my dad Kim Williams, songwriter of "Papa Loved Mama" and many other hit songs, on his weekly Live in Studio G Facebook series.

Garth went on to brag...

"Kim's work will live forever in his daughter Amanda, a great songwriter herself..."

You can watch the segment and hear a clip of Garth playing "Papa Loved Mama" around 7 minutes into the video here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Garth when he and Dad started working together back in the mid '80s, and am proud to carry on the Brooks / Williams family songwriter tradition.

Garth played a clip of my first big hit, "Beer Run," a duet with George Jones that was nominated for the Best Country Collaboration with Vocals Grammy®, and a newer song I wrote with him called "She's Tired of Boys" featured on his platinum awarded "Man Against Machine" and "RPMs" records.

Thanks so much to Garth for keeping songwriters like my dad and me in the forefront of his mind. He's truly a blessing to the songwriting community in so many ways.

Here's my version of Garth and Dad's song "Papa Loved Mama" performed live at CDX Nashville Studios:

Buy the single or stream the acoustic version of "Papa Loved Mama" here


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