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Arts Envoy IPR Romania 2018

The Arts Envoy Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) made its pilot program visit in the lovely, ancient and mysterious land of Romania in December of 2018.

Big thanks to the US Embassy in Bucharest and particularly to Ms. Isabella Alexandrescu for organizing all our visits.

Read on for highlights and pictures from the trip >>



King Matthias Rex statue in the town center of Cluj Napoca Romania
Facts About Romania:
  • Capital city - Bucharest (Bucureşti in Romanian)

  • Prime Minister - Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis

  • Used to be Communist Country until 1990

  • Over 90% Christian

  • Part of European Union

  • Languages spoken mainly Romanian, English, German, Hungarian

  • Romania has three distinct regions

  • 1/3 of workers are farmers / agricultural

  • Transylvania is in Romania


People & History

The people we met in Romania were very warm and welcoming, especially when I tried to speak their language, Romanian.

Romanians are descendant of a fair ancient people called the Dacians who were conquered by the Romans and later became part of the Ottoman Empire.  The Germanic and Hungarian influence on the people is evident today.


My first impression of Romanian people is that the men are all giants and the woman are all supermodel gorgeous.   I'm joking, of course, but anyone visiting will understand why I say this.

We met many students in the three cities we visited, and also many farmers and craftspeople who came to the cities for the annual Christmas Markets through the month of December.

The only people thinking about Dracula are the owners of the touristy gift shops that capitalize on the association drawn by Bram Stoker's book.  It's reported that Stoker himself never visited Romania.

People & History

Arts & Culture

Like many agrarian societies, Romanians are incredibly skilled craftspeople and artisans. 


In this gallery are a few of the architectural and cultural highlights of my visit including the hand carved life sized wooden Nativity in the Sibiu Christmas Market.

Arts & Culture

Food & Everyday Life

The food in Romania is a little bit like traditional Tennessee Southern cooking, with breaded fried trout, white gravy and locally sourced ingredients such as we enjoyed at the lovely Hermania in Sibiu.

Traditional Romanian cuisine often favors meat dishes, including parts such as tripe not commonly eaten by city folks.  We appreciate very much our local hosts for providing us such excellent meals and service on Arts Envoy IPR visits.