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Write Brain

Team Building™

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building skills and bringing people together through the power of music

What do 32 world dignitaries...

... speaking 28 different languages

all have in common?

USPTO Write Brain Team Buildling Amanda
USPTO Write Brain Team Buildling Amanda

90 min / 120 min programs


Description: world class team building and ice breaker activity with multi-platinum awarded songwriter

Fast paced, interactive, creative activity for all ages and experience levels.  Great as an ice breaker at the beginning of a conference or as a stand alone workshop to help groups come together.

Helps establish lines of communication and collaboration for co-workers, classmates, and teams.


Fosters mutual respect, and builds skills in a fun way.


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"This workshop was undoubtedly one of the highlights of our week-long seminar.  I was impressed by the ease with which Amanda made personal connections with individuals who have very different backgrounds.  She has a remarkable ability... a true standout."

Brian Yeh - Attorney U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Alexandria, VA U.S.A.

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"Amanda Williams has a way with words and music that simply invites audiences in to listen.  Our program success was easy to achieve from the start with a speaker of her caliber."

Bernadette Hutchinson - Cultural Affairs Specialist Public Affairs Section U.S. Embassy, Kingston, Jamaica



"Amanda Williams is captivating teacher with years of experience... both entertaining and thought-provoking."


Peter Roselli - President Bluewater Music Services Corp. Nashville, TN U.S.A.

has delighted audiences including:

Write Brain

Team Building™

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  • Colleges / Universities

  • East Tennessee State University

  • Belmont University

  • University of Colorado, Denver

  • MICO University, Jamaica

  • University of Bucharest, Romania

  • U.S. Embassies

  • Bucharest, Romania

  • Kingston, Jamaica

  • Kiev, Ukraine

  • Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Boliva

  • k-12 Schools

  • Corporate / Orgs.

  • Sevier County, TN

  • Grainger County, TN

  • Meigs County, TN

  • University School of Nashville, TN

  • Sibiu, Romania EU

  • Kingston, Jamaica 

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Ready Set Write™  +

  • Youth Villages

  • Cornerstone Financial

  • Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference

  • Kansas Gear Up Program 


For Booking:

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  • Venue requirements - variable - large enough to allow participants to spread out into groups of 5-6 - inquire about options for your group size

    • overhead projector w/ screen (can be provided by artist)

    • Shure 58 or similar / boom mic stand / DI for acoustic guitar / small PA - for larger venues (can be provided by artist)

  • All workshop printed materials are provided as part of underwriting package - sponsor logos / message inclusion optional

If you are a U.S. Embassy, and would like to have an Arts Envoy specialist program (virtual or in person) please connect with the Arts Envoy Desk at the U.S. Department of State / Cultural Affairs Office.

Inquire about booking rates and available dates here:

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