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A Story of

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 off-Broadway one woman musical theater experience

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"It's a whimsical, hilarious, sexy, sassy, smart and heartfelt chronicle of the joy and heartbreak that comes with the pursuit of ever elusive love." - Tommy from Nashville, TN

"I met my husband at Amanda's Story of Love show in Nashville.  I came with a friend, and he was there by himself.  We met and a few years later, we got married.  Talk about a love story!" - Gina from Alabama

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"Amanda Colleen Williams is one of the most dynamic and talented performers I have seen in my 40 years in the music biz.  Her one woman performance of The Story Of Love is one of the most compelling, heartfelt, and fun shows I have experienced. Can't wait to see it again!"

-Bill Hoebee host of syndicated "Hoebee In the Afternoon"

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