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I'm On Fire

Thank you to Carolyn and "Hoebee in the Afternoon" for being THE FIRST radio station to spin my new single - WAIL 99.5 FM Key West, Florida

"I'm On Fire" words and music Bruce Springsteen.

Appalachia Kid LP Amanda Colleen William
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Amanda Colleen Williams

Cosmopolitan Country entertainer | songwriter "She's Tired of Boys" with Garth Brooks | Tennessee Statesman | business owner




Amanda Colleen Williams is an awarded songwriter and music publisher with songs on albums certified at 17 million sales by the Recording Industry Association of America®, including "She's Tired of Boys" written with Garth Brooks.


As an educator and entrepreneur, Amanda is a successful business owner, and is regularly called on to speak as a non-attorney copyright expert at government institutions including the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and U.S. Embassies and Consulates worldwide. 


She is currently piloting a program with the U.S. Department of State called Arts Envoy IPR, combining arts diplomacy and intellectual property rights education.


Read full bio and see discography here >>

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"I Can Be Me With You"

words and music Benita Hill and Amanda Colleen Williams is featured on the new Garth Brooks album "FUN." 





I Am Saved

"It’s a song that feels like a meditative prayer.

There aren’t many songs able to give serenity or contemplation.


“I Am Saved” offers both, and the vocal comes from a very real place: the heart."


- Paul Leslie

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A Story of Love Concert Experience

Unique one woman show that seamlessly weaves poetry and music in a mesmerizing performance.   

Created by awarded songwriter Amanda Colleen Williams.

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