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Nashville Industry Music Awards Nominations Announced | Amanda Colleen Williams Nominated for Three

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Yesterday the nominations were released for the 11th annual Nashville Industry Music Awards, and I am so honored to have been named in three categories: Best Country Solo Artist Female, Best Live Country Performer, and Artist of the Year. Here’s the official ballot for the NIMA 2017 Awards.

NMIA Nashville Industry Music Awards

I am beyond blown away, and am truly honored to be nominated among such incredible talent – many of whom I know, collaborate with, and respect greatly including Lockwood Barr, Karen Waldrup, Andrea Pearson, George Shingleton, Matt Kennon, and all the other amazing artists I have yet to meet who are part of this event.

What makes this honor even more special is that I have been largely holed up in the woods for the past 7 years homeschooling twins, leading a group of songwriter entrepreneurs online (Songpreneurs), and most recently dealing with the challenges of overcoming breast cancer and the loss of my daddy, Kim Williams last year.

Like the challenges my dad faced overcoming his burn accident eventually led him to pursue his second career of songwriting with one pointed determination, fighting breast cancer pushed me through fear to the perseverance required to make it as an artist in today’s music world.

Amanda Colleen Williams tickets

Last year I started doing monthly concerts at my new venue in West Nashville, the 7695, and slowly, gradually, every month, they have been getting better and better – my patrons commenting regularly about how much more energy I have in each performance, my one woman show A Story of Love, which combines performance art, music and story telling.

Thank you, thank you, infinite thank you to Pattee Williams and the other Country Board Members for bestowing this incredible honor on me. I appreciate the opportunity to step back onto the Nashville stage after my little hiatus with this kind of recognition.

Look for voting to start on July 3rd – only once per IP & email address. Thank you in advance for voting for me for Artist Of the Year!


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