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Foster Care Songs

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

As a professional songwriter in Nashville, it’s always amazing to see how many people reach out about certain songs.

Even though “She’s Tired of Boys” written with Garth Brooks is my most lucrative song so far, “Nobody’s Child” is one of the most active songs in my catalog in terms of number of requests and comments I get to use the song.

May is Foster Care Awareness month, and over the years I have written a few other songs about this same topic of kids aging out of foster care, or older or un-adopted kids in general.

Youth Endeavor Prayer Nobody's Child

As I explained earlier, maybe it’s because of my grandma Elzada who was abandoned by her birth mother and step daddy after her real father died, and raised by foster parents, that I am so drawn to love parentless children so much.

But my heart feels like it literally breaks a little bit when I hear about someone being mean to a child, or see a child in pain. There’s just no place for this, nor reason for this in the world.

Children deserve our every care and concern, and through writing these songs over the years, I hope to contribute to the thought form of solution to handling the problems of how to better raise and educate our precious youth… all of them.

To connect about how to help foster kids in your community, check out the “Nobody’s Child” landing page here, or send me a message >>


Here’s a playlist and availability to comment on these songs on SoundCloud.

These songs are what we call “work tapes” (Garth calls them “day writes”), which are rough recordings made on a phone or simple microphone to help the songwriters remember the song for future, more professional recordings.

By allowing you to listen to these work tapes, I am not publishing these songs, but am only making them available as a demonstration for those who might want to record them or use them for future recording projects, and also for healing and sharing purposes.

Please message here for licensing requests and proposals.

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