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On Air WSM Radio Home of the Grand Ole Opry

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

My friend Bill Whyte invited me to be a guest on Coffee, Country and Cody WSM Radio / Heartland Television yesterday morning with him and Charlie Mattos.

Amanda Colleen Williams WSM Radio Charlie Mattos, Bill Whyte

It's always a thrill to go anywhere near the Grand Ole Opry, and to be interviewed on the historic WSM Radio home of the Opry, the oldest running radio show in the world... well that's pretty exciting in this gal's heart.

The Mother Church of Country Music is an iconic part of our unique cultural heritage as Tennesseans, Americans, and music lovers, and for the Williams family, it's the pinnacle.

On the radio, we talked about writing "Beer Run" for George Jones and Garth Brooks, told a few stories about my dad, Kim Williams and his song "Pickin' Wildflowers" written with John Rich and Keith Anderson, and covered the bases about our upcoming Songpreneurs Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference.

I performed two songs on the radio, an original from my Story of Love set called "Make It a Night," and a song written by the Queen of Country Music, Dolly Parton "Jolene" about a temptress with "flaming locks of auburn hair."

Here are a few pics from the interview:

Amanda Colleen Williams WSM Radio interview

Amanda Colleen Williams WSM Radio candid picture

Here's my acoustic version of Dolly's "Jolene"

Here's "Make It A Night" written with D. Scott Miller from my Story of Love album

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