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A Story of Love One Woman Show | Concert Video Teaser

For the past several years I have been gearing up to release a video teaser of my Story of Love one woman show.

At first the show was performed only in private house concerts and for U.S. Embassy professionals in far flung corners of the world.

And then the show emerged as an underground favorite at its 7695 Nashville residency, winning me an Artist of the Year award voted on by fans as part of the annual Nashville Independent Music Awards.

During all this time, I was building up strength after a quiet battle with cancer and the loss of my beloved daddy in 2016.

Finally, I’m ready to share this one woman show A Story of Love with everyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

It has been so healing and moving to hear the reactions people have shared.

Along with this teaser sizzle reel video of footage recorded by Webb Dillard of The Keys 411 on Valentine’s Day at The Key West Theater, I’m sharing some of the kind things people said about the show.

Richard and Mary of Big Pine Key said -

“She was the perfect combination of sass and style. Best Valentine’s date in our 41 years together.” – Mary

“Amazing talent! I went to make my wife happy and ended up loving every second and wanting more. We don’t get many superstars down here like that.” – Richard

Alyssa Berger said:

Amanda is a fantastic performer. I attended a show in Key West and I personally thought she stole the show. She is so talented and fun to watch. Her poetic transition between songs was so unique and beautiful. And her songs are diverse, fun and keep you wanting to hear more! I cannot wait to see her again!

Tony from Fort Lauderdale said:

“Our friend telling us about the show helped us plan a nice long weekend on Key West. Although it was a four hour drive, we’d do it again. It was a break long overdue.

Amanda was everything our friend said she would be and then some. I’m more of a rocker guy, but I really enjoyed it. She’s crazy talented, and hot too! My wife absolutely loved it. She’s been quoting lines from her spicy songs for a week. She has downloaded some of her music already. She keeps playing some bluegrassy sounding song over and over. We talked about music all the way home the next day because of that show.”

Captain James Pic of Key West said:

Thanks to our friend for the heads up on the show. Since moving to the Keys I haven’t done much other than work as much as I can. It was a welcome break and made me look like a superstar with my girlfriend for coming up with the idea. Both of us loved the show. Amanda was FANTASTIC! I don’t understand why we’re not hearing her on mainstream radio

Shout out to Carolyn and Hoebee in the Afternoon for hosting the night.

Along with the Story of Love concert, I enjoy delivering keynote talks and motivational team building workshops focused around songwriting combined with your organizations core mission and goals, and of course Songlife in-schools literacy skill building program for all ages.

Get in touch with my team about booking your event here.

Coming to Nashville in June?

Get your Story of Love concert tickets for The 7695 here taking place June 25 during our 12th annual Nashville Songwriting and Music Business Conference presented by Songpreneurs.


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