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Earth Day Music Release Announcement: "Water"


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words and music by: Russ Robertson & Amanda Williams


Flowing water, carry me away


On the tide I ride upon the waves

And I

Get tossed in the seas of life

Over and over

I rise to the surface

And breathe

On top of the



Silent water all around me


Watching waves dance on the sun light's beam

And I'm

Caught in a moment of time

Holding my breath

And I'm waiting

For the storm to pass by

Under water


Blessed water flowing through my veins


For the peace I found below the waves

And I

Learned my lesson before

I don't need to tell you

My story, I'll just come up

To sing

copyright 2011 Russ Robertson Music / Hillbilly Royalty Administered by Bluewater Music Services Corp.


Earth Day is celebrated every year since 1970 on April 22.

Every day is Earth Day around here, and this year is particularly special because we’re releasing a song called “Water” to celebrate the occasion.

Water is one of the most important elements for Life.

Our bodies are mostly water, and of course The Earth provides us with her natural resource in the form of oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, and estuaries.

My dad told me that when he was growing up back in the 1950s, people would have laughed at a person suggesting that one day people would buy bottled drinking water.

Today the reality is that people everywhere are in need of fresh, clean drinking water.

In addition, so much enjoyment is related to water – whether it’s a lake, stream, pond, river or ocean, water is a vital source of life for our beautiful planet.

On top of the physical importance of water, there’s a symbolic side of water that goes even deeper.

In poetry, water is often a symbol of emotions. In the lyrics to this song, “Water,” you can find some reference to this kind of water – a celebration of water in all its sacred forms.

Written back in 2011 with one of my Nashville songwriting pals Russ Robertson, the song “Water” was recorded with my friends at 515 Studio in 2013 listed here in the credits:

· Eric Erdman – acoustic guitar

· Greg Foresman – electric guitar

· Mike Waldron – additional guitars / stringed instruments

· Rod Lewis – bass

· Tim Grogan – drums

· Dane Bryant – keyboard

· Engineer – Trevor Golden

· Mix / mastering engineer – Bobby Holland

· Co-producer – Chip Hardy

· Producer – Amanda Colleen Williams

· Vocals / background vocals and arrangement – Amanda Colleen Williams

· 515 Studio Nashville, TN now 522 Studio

Save, Stream and Share “Water” on your favorite music service – downloading to your device for offline listening gives the most support to the songwriters.

The above is an affiliate link to Amazon to purchase the mp3 download "Water."


Thanks for leaving your comments below if you have listened to the song and especially if you have enjoyed sharing it with friends and family. Xo – Amanda


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