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Garth Brooks Shout Out To Songwriter Amanda Colleen Williams On Inside Studio G

April 26, 2023 | Nashville, TN

Alright, Alright, Alright! Shout Out To Redhead Songwriter Amanda Colleen Williams From Superstar Garth Brooks On Inside Studio G

April 24, 2023 Inside Studio G, A Facebook Conversation @ 15:33

Transcript of the segment -

Sam said, “I have an #AskGarth that was for last week.

Garth - Ok

Sam - … but I think you can answer the question on behalf of Reba.

Garth – Ok

Amanda – Hey, Garth. Hey Reba.

Garth said, – Oh is that Amanda?

Amanda – It’s Amanda Colleen Williams here

Garth – Yes!

Amanda – Kim Williams, the songwriter was my daddy, and I just wanted to ask both of you a question at once here, and thank you at the same time.

Garth - She’s a damn good songwriter herself.

Amanda – Reba, you put out one of my dad’s songs on your album, the Songs of Faith and Hope called “Meanwhile Back At the Cross”

Garth - Oh Yeah!

Amanda – And I was just wondering, I mean, you’ve done so many things as an entrepreneur, as a mother, as a successful songwriter, successful artist. I just wondered, what place has faith played in that career.

Garth - Hmm.. great question.

Amanda – And also, Garth, I wanted to ask you the same question. I know you’ve cut a lot of inspirational songs over the years and have had a lot of hits, and I was just wondering, is there an inspirational or gospel album in store for you coming out?

Garth - Oh!

Amanda – Anyway, Love you all both so much and thanks again.

Garth - You talk about two powerful redheads right there. This little gal, nothing gets in her way. She just works, and she works and she works and she works.

And she says her dad was a songwriter. Her dad would be the first one if he was on this earth today to tell you, that’s a songwriter right there. [points at Amanda]

She’s cool.

So, is she on, “Beer Run,” I think, and she did …

Sam – “She’s Tired Of Boys” one of my faves

Garth - “She’s Tired of Boys,” which I love, and I think she might have something on the “Fun” album called “I Can Be Me With You” which I love, her and Ms. Benita, I think wrote that together, which is pretty cool.

So this is the kind of girl she is, on demos, people do demos and they’ll blow ‘em out, and they’ll sound like records. Her’s - she’ll play ‘em for you just her and her guitar just banging it out, but then all of a sudden, she’ll do the guitar solos [sings to demonstrate].

On, “I Can Be Me With You” we had the guitar player listen to the demo that she was mouthing, and that was the solo that he played for her, which was so cool.

But yeah, faith, faith is everything.

I believe in a higher power. I have to, because I need somebody to help me with this journey, right?

And you’ve got all your friends, but you need that person you can talk to that doesn’t judge ya. For me that’s it. So it’s God and Jesus Christ.

Doesn’t have to be yours, but it is all about Love, that’s it.

So a lot of people if you think man I wanna pray, and I better learn how to pray better, too, pray to yourself, too.

Pray to the inner you that’s the good you.

We all have darkness and lightness in us, and I think it was Martin Luther King that said, “In the greatest of us there is evil, and in the most evil of us there is greatness.”

There is good. There is hope.

Pray there.

I think.

And I don’t think I could ever do a gospel record because I’d feel… I’d feel… and this is just me… I’d feel kind of two faced.

Because I’ve been the guy that’s been blessed the most and done the least with it.

So I don’t feel like I deserve that, but I have no doubt that all my gifts, every one of my gifts comes from God above.

Just thanks to him, thanks to the people that we’ve gotten to live the life we have.

So great question.

Reba would probably have a much more fantastic-er answer than that. That’s great.

19:03 end of transcript clip –


a Note from Amanda -

Thanks so much to the Inside Studio G crew for using my question on the show. It took a lot of gumption to get up the courage to record myself, and then to post it, and not delete it!

Thanks to Garth for the incredible shout out and praise, which is like soothing balm to a hard-working songwriter’s soul.

Also, thank you for answering my question.

Your insight is spot on, and helps me see the thread of faith that weaves ever through your work. You may not sing “the gospel,” but as my pal said Willie Nelson told him once, “Tony, don’t you know if it’s true for you, it is the gospel.”

There’s a lot of truth in that, I reckon.

Your life is a testament to faith, and you are the rock of salvation for this weary traveler.

Two faced? Hardly. Garth is a man of many faces, and each and every one of them tells a story of faith and of love, even in the darkest of places.

BIG love and respect from this redhead.

May the Lord bless and protect you and your endeavors.

Now… I’m waiting on my Reba book to come so I can read more about her, and maybe answer the question of what role faith has played in her stellar career.

Big respect and O for Oklahoma - T for Tennessee. Go Pokes and Vols! Git it!

Love, Amanda


Get Amanda's inspirational gospel album "Revelation" here >>

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