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Inspiration Worth Sharing | Not That Fancy Reba McEntire book review

Not That Fancy: Simple Lessons on Living, Loving, Eating, and Dusting Off Your Boots by Reba McEntire is more than a cookbook.

Sure, it’s full of recipes for everything from simple meals like beans and cornbread, to fancy cocktails and appetizers served in her new restaurant, Reba’s Place she runs in partnership with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

But this book is a lot more than just recipes and instructions for cooking.

You might say this book is a recipe for a life well lived in Reba style, grace and devotion.

She talks about everything from overcoming fear during her first trip to Nashville with her Mama, to life after divorce and finding new love.

Some of the stories will make you think – I never knew Reba went through that!

And others will make you laugh alongside her as she navigates her incredible and yet down-to-earth life.

She shares her faith to The Lord in such a way that the book hardly seems like a devotional, but not being a reader of many of those kinds of books, myself, Not That Fancy filled that need for me to connect spiritually to one of my heroes and made the subject more approachable.

Most everyone is aware of Reba’s phenomenal success as a singer, actress, author and one of the leading ladies of Country Music. But this book lets you meet Reba the friend, Reba the mother, Reba the practical joker, Reba the business-woman, and Reba the woman who buys herself flower arrangements at the supermarket to decorate her home.

If you’re looking for a little light reading, some fun stories, and Reba’s guide to the 3 “must have” boots in every country music singer’s collection, you’ve got a ringer with this book Not That Fancy.

I was fortunate enough to buy the bundle deal of the signed book and CD called “Not That Fancy” during the special Talk Shop Live event when Reba and Garth took questions from fans.

My question to them was, “How has faith played a role in your success,” and Garth answered that question live on his Studio G Facebook Conversation.

Reba’s answer is in her book. Faith has made all the difference in her career, and continues to light the path for all of us who try and follow in her bootsteps.

Review of the album to come soon. I am still savoring it, and listening to track 2 over and over again to the point of not finishing the first whole-record listen yet.

Here’s a link to get your copy of “Not That Fancy” the book #CommissionEarned

And here's the link to get your CD album

Have you read the book and listened to the record “Not That Fancy” by Reba McEntire yet? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.


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