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King for a Day | Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. today and all that he did in his life, and even today, to further the cause of right human relations.

This song was written with my friend Joy Styles, and serves as a reflection on those noble qualities embodied by Dr. King and all who seek to be more Christ-like in daily expression and service.

“King For a Day” words and music Joy Styles and Amanda Colleen Williams

It has been my great honor over the years to perform at the birthday galas of one of Dr. King's companions and fellow servers, Ambassador Andrew Young.

Ambassador like his friend Dr. King leaves a legacy bright with accomplishment and loving kindness.

Studying the life and work of these great servers is an education for those of us who aspire to help realize their beautiful vision - of brotherhood and respect for all regardless of color, creed or upbringing.

Today I reflect and celebrate all the work that has been done, and find strength and loving resolve for the work ahead.

Happy and joyful Martin Luther King Day - today and every day.


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