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Wicked Game

A friend asked me, what is the song "Wicked Game" about?

Chris Isaak's 1989 release "Wicked Game" with its steamy video is the perfect song to set the scene in any movie.

To me the song expresses the inner longing to love and be loved, and the understanding that to truly let go, one has to be willing to risk suffering and loss.

Working on the song in the studio with my artist Sheldon Tyacke, I felt that there was something to explore in re-envisioning "Wicked Game" from a woman’s perspective.

The result is my cover version - the artist playing every instrument -guitars, vocals, drums, upright bass-seeking to capture to the rhythmic undulations of a hopeful, tormented heart.

I hope this song finds you in the mood this year end holiday season.

The conclusion – of course -to risk loving, because “nobody loves no one.”


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