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Amanda Colleen Williams A Story of Love | Key West Theater

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Every once in a while, a performer comes along that stops you in your tracks.

Five foot four, flaming wild red hair, prowling the stage like a feline, dynamic stage presence and an original song repertoire coveted by the likes of country music superstar Garth Brooks… meet Amanda Colleen Williams.

Introduced to the Key West music scene during a benefit show at Hog’s Breath Saloon, Williams has endeared herself to the local community, including earning the honorary title of “Snacky Onasis” on the Hoebee In the Afternoon radio show.

Carrying on the tradition of storytelling from her native Appalachia, Amanda breathes fresh air into the singer-songwriter circuit with her original Broadway-style one-woman-show, A Story of Love.

Weaving songs and stories into a seamless 40 minute set, even the attention span deprived feel that time stands still during the suspension of disbelief that envelops the audience during Amanda’s performance.

“It’s the story of love with its ups and downs, joys and heartbreaks, seen through the twisted sense of humor and sensitivity of the female songwriter brain,” says Williams.

Audience say, “Amazing talent! I went to make my wife happy and ended up loving every second and wanting more. We don’t get many superstars down here like that.”

– Richard

"Amanda is a fantastic performer. I attended a concert in Key West and I personally thought she stole the show. She is so talented and fun to watch. Her poetic transition between songs was so unique and beautiful. And her songs are diverse, fun and keep you wanting to hear more! I cannot wait to see her again!" – Alyssa

"Amanda was FANTASTIC and made me look like a superstar with my girlfriend for coming up with the idea. Both of us loved the show." – James

"Amanda Colleen Williams live performance of "A Story Of Love" is nothing short of mesmerizing! It's music brilliantly woven with prose and poetry. It makes you relive all the feelings of the human experience with relationships. It's funny. It's touching. It makes you think, and it leaves you wanting more." - Tony Russell, voice actor

Get your tickets for the November 11, 2022 concert at Key West Theater. Doors open at 6pm, music starts at 7pm.

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Photo credit Arjay Hasty.


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