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Shiner’s Nashville Show Review

I have had the pleasure of seeing The Shiner’s show twice now, and can honestly say, I am liking it better every time I see it.


Shiner’s Show Review Nashville this scissor locking girl fight

The first time I saw it was the show’s one year anniversary celebration, which marked my initiation into the experience that is Shiner’s and the Woolworth Theatre itself.


Shiner's Nashville one year anniversary celebration Woolworth Theatre

Sitting in the audience face forward toward the state of the art, arena quality live sound and audio-visual experience, combined with the avant-garde anything goes, fun loving vibe of the crowd and staff was exciting even before the show began.


And as the costumed performers began milling about in the audience, polishing their poles and eyeing the attendees playfully, the evening began to take shape.  This was going to be an experience like none other in Nashville.


Sure enough, the show opened with a series of humorous, provocative skits and vignettes that climaxed with an in-air girl on girl acrobatic routine of incredible strength, showmanship and agility.


Set to the music of The Prodigy’s late 90s dance pop hit, this scissor locking girl fight took place 20 feet up in the air over the stage, keeping the audience breathless and amazed.  Hands down this was the highlight of both shows for me, and probably for many others for various reasons!


Not just for the ladies, the gentlemen in this show display a wide array of talents, from towel flapping (wish I’d been warned about this one the first time around!) to crooning a favorite country song, to contortionist displays of agility and strength unrivaled in Music City.


Now I’m no prude, but as a country girl born and raised in the South with forays into Boston, P Town and New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Key West and Seattle, I’ll go ahead and tell you, this Shiner’s show has the diversity to appeal to practically any fun-loving adult audience, as long as you know what you’re in for.


I particularly appreciate the strength and flexibility of the performers as they show off stunt after stunt, perfectly choreographed and repeated night after night with the precision execution of mastery – and the entire cast demonstrates these qualities in one form or another.


Woolworth Theatre stage Nashville

In addition to the show itself, the Woolworth Theatre is also the star on display.


Completely renovated and now recipient of its first million plus in ticket sales since opening, this historic venue has the sound system of an arena packed into a 250-capacity venue where the show is truly center stage.


In addition to the beauty and state of the art audio visual experience, the history of the location as a pivotal part of the U.S. Civil Rights movement in Nashville is of special significance, as noted by Chuck Wicks, show creator and star, during his post-show address to the anniversary audience.


Chuck Wicks Shiner's Nashville show creator and star

Shiner’s offers a limited food concessions like popcorn and snacks in the general admission seating area, with bar and specialty moon shine drinks, and an upstairs VIP experience ticket with additional food purchase options.


The downstairs lounge area is a fun post-show hang, and it was a great place to meet some of the performers and thank them for a great show.


Overall I give Shiner’s Nashville top recommendations.  If you’re into doing something different in Nashville, Shiner’s is a must see experience.  Take a date, a friend, or a group.  It’s bound to be a fun time at Shiner’s Nashville in the Woolworth Theatre.

Here's a gallery of a few more pics from Shiner's -

Get your tickets to Shiner's at the Woolworth Theatre website here


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