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Love Poster

Love Poster


Love CD is "a Story of Love through music and poetry," the accompanying album to Amanda Colleen Williams' one woman show.


Order the physical copy here direct from artist, and request your copy autographed.


Stream or download the digital album on your favorite online service with links below - please note - most sites do not include the spoken interludes between the songs.  The album copy does include these interludes for a total of 21 tracks.


Experience the live show A Story of Love on tour.  Visit the Tour landing page for show announcements and tickets links.


"Amanda Colleen Williams is one of the most dynamic and talented performers I have seen in my 40 years in the music biz.  Her one woman performance of The Story Of Love is one of the most compelling, heartfelt, and fun shows I have experienced. Can't wait to see it again!" -  Bill Hoebee host of syndicated "Hoebee In the Afternoon" WAIL 99.5 FM iHeart Radio Florida Keys, U.S.A


“Each song is a delightful vignette. Your attention is captured from Amanda’s spoken introduction, and you remain riveted for the duration.” - arranger/pianist Ron Oates
“It’s a whimsical, hilarious, sexy, sassy, smart and heartfelt chronicle of the joy and heartbreak that comes with pursuit of ever elusive love. A totally unique experience,”   Tommy Williams - music industry professional


Click here to stream and get digital album download.


Get your copy today.

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