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About 30 Days Saved

30 Days Saved

30 Days of Inspiration | sharable reflection and daily writing prompts to inspire, uplift, heal and grow in spirit along themes from the King James Bible 1 Awaken 2 Arise 3 Stand 4 Purpose 5 Vision 6 Dream 7 Plan 8 Perfect 9 Play 10 Pray 11 Patience 12 Wisdom 13 Pride 14 Shame 15 Light 16 Fight 17 Habit 18 Ritual 19 Release 20 Write 21 Read 22 Walk 23 Save 24 Breathe 25 Hold 26 Fly 27 Climb 28 Pulse 29 Begin 30 Live

About 30 Days Saved

They say it takes 30 days to make a habit. Here are 30 days of inspirational reflection and creative writing prompts to help you focus on building the kind of future you want to see for your life.

Start with the one that appeals most to you, or begin with number one and work your way through the list, taking one prompt each day into your silent reflection and daily devotional time.

Serves as a great creative writing enrichment for homeschool families with a budding author, or for kids trying to navigate tough middle school and high school years.

Also perfect for adult learners who want to explore creative writing and meditation as a mental and emotional wellness strategy.

Please feel free to share these posts and photos with your friends on social media or via email, and use the hashtag #30DaysSaved #iAmSaved so we can find your posts online.

Looking forward to seeing your writing.

In Love & Light,



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