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Love Holiday Remix Single Release

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Announcing the release of “Love Holiday (Remix)” as a single to digital retailers on February 16th, 2018 with pre-order available NOW!

Love Holiday Remix Amanda Colleen Williams

Click here to order your pre-order of Love Holiday (Remix)

Some of you might know that one way an independent artist can make headway is to achieve enough sales and listens in the first week to make the Billboard Charts.

Pre-orders all count toward sales on the first week, so by purchasing a pre-order, you’re helping me get up in the charts!

If you’d like to be part of the Lift Team that helps lift and spread my music and message, I will 100% welcome your help.

Click through the link above to purchase your pre-order, and then click through one of the options below for more materials to motivate your friends and family to help with the Love Holiday Remix Single Campaign.

My top performers will be invited to one heck of a party here in Nashville to celebrate our success!

We'll make it easy for you by sending easy to share materials you can forward to friends. Click through the following options for more:

Ways to help:

  1. Call 5 friends and family and [click here to let us know your progress!]

  2. Text or email the info and pre-order link. [click here to receive materials]

  3. Share the pre-order link and image on your socials.

It’s that easy!

Sharing alone on social media is not enough. It takes person-to-person connection to get people motivated. Just one phone call can mean a world of difference in our success!

Friends and Family are the Keys to Lift Team Success!

Sample Social Media Posts:

Pull the Image onto your desktop or screen shot for download and sharing

Love Holiday Remix Single


My dear friend Amanda released her first single "Love Holiday." Share the Love by pre-ordering your copy before Feb 16th #songlife @AmandaCWilliams


Want to see a great indie musician get on the charts? Pre-order my friend Amanda Colleen Williams' single "Love Holiday" on Amazon or iTunes before Feb 16th! @amandacolleenwilliams


Let's help my dear friend Amanda get her new single "Love Holiday" on the charts! All you have to do is pre-order by Feb 16th to cast your vote for great music! @amandawilliamsmusic1

Thank you!

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